My approach is integrative and relational. This means I draw on a range of knowledge, adapting how I work to suit your needs. A relational approach means that I am interested in how you interact with others, with yourself, and with the world out there, both in the present and in the past. It also means I am interested in how we relate to each other.

Relationships are significant because they shape who we are. And much of what is causing us distress has its origins in current and past relationships. In my work, the therapeutic relationship between client and counsellor is at the heart of my approach and is the main vehicle for change. 

Mind and body are one system. My aim is to help you bring healing to the parts that are wounded and to facilitate new ways of thinking and behaving. I start by creating a safe space and listen deeply to what you have to say as I try to understand what makes you tick and why you are the way you are. With warmth and gentle curiosity, I will support you to tell your story, at your pace and in your own time. I will share my thinking and offer my perspective on what you say. Sometimes I will use techniques, make creative suggestions or offer bits of theory to help you make sense of things.


I believe that diversity leads to a more inclusive and sustainable society and welcome people from all walks of life and abilities to my practice, irrespective of class, race and ethnicity, faith, gender, relationship style or sexual orientation.

"Therapy helped me to understand myself...

..I have stopped blaming myself for my problems."

"Counselling has helped me calm down...

..I feel more secure in myself."

"I feel more confident about the future...

..I have learned some better coping strategies."

"It has helped me... with problems in my relationships."